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In October of 2013, our beloved Jeremy (a.k.a. 'G') was attending Cornell University in NY when he suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a fall. Since then, the road to healing has been a rough one, and the lack of accessible, affordable, quality mental health resources has made it even more difficult. After multiple appointments, hospitalizations, doctor referrals, and treatment paths, Jeremy was recently accepted at a nonprofit mental health treatment organization in Atlanta, Georgia, called

We hope this residential facility will provide Jeremy with the care and treatment he needs to make a full recovery. Although insurance covers part of the cost, there are still significant treatment expenses that are not covered by insurance. We are reaching out on behalf of Jeremy to appeal for the funds we need to support his recovery. Please keep in mind we are not discussing finances with him so he can focus 100% on healing. Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated.

We love you all.

Learn more about Jeremy: Everett Herald article - 'Teen's mind is a good investment'

Please Note: We have set our initial goal at $40,000, but this amount may change based on insurance approvals and the length of Jeremy's stay.

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